All About Senior Kiss Day


Photo Credit: Pexels

Written by: Grace Lawrence ’19 (Web Staff Writer)

The day where dreams come true is a common description from Loomis Chaffee students on Senior Kiss Day. Once a year, around Valentine’s Day, students can buy a kiss on the cheek for a dollar, and all the proceeds go to the Senior Prom. All week leading up to this special day, two videos came out to increase anticipation and eagerness. The campus was buzzing with what what senior was going to kiss who. Every day at lunch, the Senior Kiss Day table was overflowing with students buying their peers kisses from their favorite seniors. This tradition is sacred at Loomis, and the student body would most likely not be able to have it end. Junior Christiana Bevilacqua ’19 gave her input on the tradition. “I was really excited to spend this special tradition with some of my closest friends. When I walked in the gym there was a lot of great energy! I’m so excited to carry on this tradition and spread the love to all my underclassmen friends when I’m a senior,” she stated.

Since this tradition is extremely valued and looked forward to, I did some digging, and twenty years ago, it did not exist. In its place was ‘Senior Slave Day.’ This unique tradition would give underclassmen the opportunity to buy a senior to follow around all day. They could carry their books, study with them, and walk them to class. This day was so sacred to little freshman who looked up to their older peers. The student body is already looking forward to the next Senior Kiss Day!