Peer Counseling at Loomis


Photo Credit: Rachel Ramenda

Written by: Freya Rich ’20 (Web Staff Writer)

Peer counseling groups are a prominent part of freshman year at Loomis. Students are put into a group of other freshman led by usually two peer counselors. These counselors are upperclassman, often seniors, who have taken on the responsibility of being an older mentor. I interviewed a peer counselee and a peer counselor to hear their thoughts on the concept of peer counselors and what events they hosted this year.

Interview with Quinn, a Freshman in Cutler Hall

Q: Who are your peer counselors?

A: “My peer counselors are Taylor and Rick”

Q: Do you like your peer counseling group?

A: “I love my group!”

Q: What has been your favorite peer counselor activity this year?

A: “I really liked the… ropes course. That was really fun. I enjoyed that a lot”

Q: Did you have a least favorite activity?

A: “I didn’t like the dodgeball”

Q: What is your general feeling towards peer counselor groups and activities? Are they effective?

A: “I feel like at the beginning of the year it’s effective because everyone didn’t know each other so it’s a good time for you to learn and get to know people and interact… After fall term I don’t think it’s necessary anymore because we are used to the place and we know what’s going on and we know the people.”

Interview with Eleanor, a Senior Peer Counselor

Q: How did you decide to become a peer counselor?

A: “So my brother was actually a peer counselor last year, and he seemed to have a really good experience with the program. It was something that I was always interested in. It was one of those things where I’m not a boarder so instead of having prefect and RA I wanted to be a peer counselor, and it worked out!”

Q: Who plans the peer counselor events and activities?

A: “We actually meet every week, every Monday night and we all kind of plan them together. Most of [the events] are repeated each year but we do come up with new ones. So Ms. Buressi and Mr. Green, who are two of the counselors, come up with different things and they pitch them to us. We do get to vote on what we do and we pick the open meeting discussion topics… because we want to keep things interesting. The next one is on school spirit and how the construction has affected it or if it didn’t, which should be good… Capture the flag is going to be a big [event] for the spring.”

Q: What has been the most successful event this year in your opinion?

A: “Our dodgeball event was really fun. It was kind of tough because it was the same night as the benefit concert so not everyone could be there who we wanted to be there, but it was still a really good turn out… We had some good discussions more in the beginning of the year… with the new freshman coming here. I think the time capsules was something that we do [at the beginning of the year] that’s really fun because it gets people into thinking about what they are going to do over their four years here.

Q: How do the time capsules work?

A: “So every freshman fills out a piece of paper with questions like: What’s your favorite song? What’s your favorite TV show? Who are your friends now? Who are you going to go to prom with? So like silly questions that you get back senior year and you can kinda see what you were thinking freshman year and see how you have changed. So that’s one of the ones that I think is usually the most successful.”

Q: What, if any, event would you have changed in hindsight?

A: “This year we were kinda bummed because we couldn’t do our scavenger hunt in the beginning of the year because of the construction, because that’s usually a pretty big hit. There are a couple peer counselors that have [been a peer counselor] for two years and they said that it was kind of the thing they loved the most because they got to know their group a little better.”