Tasteful Ambitions


Photo Credit: Rachel Ramenda

Written by: Portia Inzone ’20 (Social Media Manager)

How much longer must we complain about the dining service? Instead, let us ask ourselves this: What has improved, and what else can? Through my research to answer this question, I stumbled upon a new and unknown initiative focusing primarily on the daily snacks.

Everyday during community free, snacks such as granola bars, apples, and pears are offered in various academic buildings on campus. Due to the distance and cost of the SNIF, and the hungry stomachs of students, this idea has proven to be worthwhile. Nevertheless, student Bailey Prete believes she can do even more.

Working alongside the Food Committee and Dean Liscinsky, she hopes to, “Create higher quality snacks throughout the day, especially in the library, as [she has] noticed many granola bars have been left over.” In other words Bailey thinks that through her plan, more of our favorite snacks should be offered as opposed to those that are left uneaten. So, what kind of snacks? Bailey, a day student, sees the vast difference in food from home and school, and wants to initiate a healthier and more beneficial meal plan for all students and faculty. Bailey notes, “We hope to have more organic fruit during community frees and berries at the fruit station during meals.” Additionally, “We hope to get more of a variety of granola bars, maybe Monday chewy bars, Tuesday Nature Valley, Friday Rice Krispies, etc.”

Bailey and the Food Committee are not stopping with this idea. Secondly, they set a goal to design a different menu to please more students and faculty. To accommodate the entire community, a survey via email will most likely be sent out. Lastly, they hope to purchase eco-friendly to-go cups for the dining hall, but those premature plans exist solely in the making.

Bailey has determined, enthusiastic, and worthwhile plans, but the most important note of them stand as her ambition to please all of the students and faculty.