Boarders Face Head’s Holiday


Photo Credit: Monica Kim

Written by: Monica Kim ’19 (Web Staff Writer)

At Loomis, Head’s Holiday has been a tradition when our students could take a break from the cold, seemingly long winter term. With so many assignments and after school requirements, students look forward to the five day long break. Many students stay in their homes or even travel with their family. However, this may seem a troubling issue for the international students. Where are they going to go, when their homes are so far abroad? With only four days, excluding the school day on the February 1st, many of our international students are concerned about where they are going to go before they are excited about the break.

Head’s Holiday seems like a good time for the students to stay in other cities with their friends and families. However, for international students, it seems too burdensome for their parents to come visit them, or them to visit their parents for only four days. Thus, they do not have any option but to stay with a friend or an acquaintance who is older than 18, so that they can stay in an hotel. Yet, this worries their parents and the teachers as well. “The length of Head’s Holiday makes it very hard to plan anything,” says Sumin Kim’20, “I cannot go home because then I will suffer from jetlag. There is also less possibility for international students to have legal guardians in the States. I have no choice but to ask a lot of people if I can stay with them, but I also worry that this would make them uncomfortable. It is just so limited for where we can go.”

International students could go to a ski trip arranged by the school during the Head’s Holiday prior to this year. However, with the ski trip being canceled, many of them worry about their plans. Despite staying with a host family being an option, it is still not a considerate for the international students, as they may be uncomfortable staying with an unfamiliar family. Thus, in consideration of the international students who may not have a definite plan for the Head’s Holiday, there should be an arrangement for the closed break.