January Mercy Gallery Opening


Photo Credit: Rachel Ramenda

Written by: Alex Choi ’19 (Web Staff Writer)

​Art and Loomis is valued by all students and faculty, and every term, the school holds a gallery opening for all students who wish to take part. Usually students who currently take an art course of some sort (ceramics, visual art, or photography, for example), the gallery is an opportunity for students to show off their work to the public. Last fall, the Mercy Gallery had a grand opening including writing work from students and was a town-celebrated art show. Many artists from Connecticut joined the event as well.

The Mercy Gallery had its re-opening on January 9th, and the newly presented artwork will be shown to the public during anytime the next month or two. Newly integrated artwork include drawings, photographs, glass, and stained-glass work. Mrs. McCandless is excited with the new opening, as she says “It will be another great start for the Mercy Gallery!”