The Grill is (kind of) Back


Photo Credit: Rachel Ramenda

Written by: Joe Berger ’20 (Web Staff Writer)

Without a quad, walking from class to class has become more difficult. However, without the Snug or its delicious food, staying satisfied has become hard and has filled students with hunger. As we can all agree, the bookstore’s food is nothing compared to the Snug’s hot and wonderful dishes. The burgers, the grilled-cheese sandwiches, and the fries were to die for, and we have been missing out for too long. But fortunately, some important people agree that Rich of the old Snug’s Grill services are needed, and the Grill is coming back! The grill will be open from 8 to 10 p.m. every Friday and Saturday night in the dining hall. With the ice cream in the dining hall and the new hot food, the dining hall will be busy on Friday nights. The new addition may be able to turn the dining hall into the new Snug, hosting tons of kids at a time. Unfortunately, the grill will not be open during community time or during the day, so getting a quick snack in between classes is still not an option. But, unlike last year, we can now pick up food before check in. The Snif may not have made up for the Snug’s absence, but at least the Grill is coming home.