Why is Winter Term so Short?


Photo Credit: Maddie Hong

Written by: Madeleine Hong ’19 (Web Staff Writer)

While midterms quickly approach, many students and faculty find it nearly impossible to believe that the term is already almost halfway over. Due to the long break after only two weeks into the trimester, people tend to lose track of how much time we have left. Many people wonder, why is Winter Term so short? The term however is no shorter than any other. So why do the majority of students and faculty think it has to be at least a few days shorter than the rest? Well the way Winter term works, we go through blocks of time where we have school. There is the two and a half week block right after Thanksgiving, once we come back from the Holiday Break we spend almost four and a half weeks in classes again. After those four weeks are up, off to break again for Heads Holiday. Then the three week flurry starts as people begin to prepare for finals ( or the end of the term test and projects). So as you see, winter term doesn’t have any less days than fall and spring, in fact it has more, but the way each break spaces the class time apart it seems like the term is over before we even start.