Sei Whale


Scientific name: Balaenoptera borealis

Status: Endangered

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I am the Sei Whale and you can find me in all parts of the ocean except for the tropical and polar regions. With a body weight of up to 20 tons and 45 to 66 ft in length, I dominate the marine food chain. But don’t be fooled by my size! I’m one of the fastest whales in the world, swimming as fast as 30 miles per hour. I contribute to the marine ecosystem by playing an important role in maintaining the overall health of our beautiful ocean. Because of commercial whaling, my family and I have been hunted by humans since 1860 which is why we are now considered an endangered species. Not just humans, but climate change, shipping strikes and entanglement in fishing gear can also hurt me. However, the International Whaling Commission has been working with WWF to reduce the number of threats we’ve been facing. In Japan, sei whales are only allowed to be killed for “scientific whaling” (a.k.a. research). Even so, 50 sei whales are killed each year in Japan under the disguise of scientific whaling. Don’t worry, you can help! By reading this, you are now more aware of my existence. Please spread this awareness to all your friends!

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