Bracing the Cold


Photo Credit: Freya Rich ’20

Below-freezing temperatures, frost-covered grass, and bone-chilling wind all accompany the winter season. Although New England winters can be cold and seemingly neverending, there are some simple solutions to stay warm and cozy during this season.

You must be prepared for the cold and take all necessary precautions against the relentless wind and snow. You can invest in winter boots, a thermal coat with a hood to bundle up, and fuzzy socks and pajamas for optimal coziness indoors. Layers are important during this alarming time and sweaters under winter coats are an easy way to stay toasty.

Photo Credit: Freya Rich ’20

​Other ways to prepare include stocking up on warm foods and drinks. A good stockpile of Ramen, Swiss Miss, and tea are key. A quality thermos is also recommended to keep your beverages hot for the longest amount of time possible.

The winter season is not all bad though. The holidays are coming along with a long winter break which you can spend with friends and family and celebrate the New Year. Snow can bring fun as well, like sledding down the hill to the meadows.

All of those possibilities aside, perhaps the most effective way to deal with these endless winters is to take a page from our distant bear relatives and simply hibernate; bundle up with your down comforter and fuzzy throw blankets with some hot cocoa, friends, and Netflix and settle in for the winter.