Fall Dance Revue


From the influential beat of hip hop to the elegant flow of ballet dances, the fall dance showcase once again amazes its audience. As Sydney Anderson ’19 perfectly puts it, “each piece had a different personality;” indeed, this showcase had an exciting array of styles. Personally, I was mesmerized by the sound of crickets in the second piece as the Company 2 dancers capture a sense of confinement, perhaps depression, or even the overwhelming stress of senior fall. Molly Henderson’s ‘19 piercing and unexpected scream, which finally broke through the inescapable recurrence of the piece, concluded the dance with a tiny sense of relief and release. For many dancers, this was their first time on stage; Jocelyn Chen ‘19 recounts her favorite part of dancing was that “the ballet squad got really close through the dress rehearsals and performances”. Certainly, after hours of spending time together in the dance studio, dancers form bonds with one another as they learn to move effortlessly while still looking flawless. With the year ahead, I hope to see the amazing showcases from our hardworking dancers!