In Memoriam – The Old Dining Hall


Photo Credit: Freya Rich’20

There’s no question, LC misses the old dining hall.

With its multitude of forks and cups, it couldn’t really go wrong, not to mention the paper cups and bowls, making food-to-go an easy, undisputed reality. Choices, choices, choices, they definitely had a variety of options during meals. We aren’t trying to criticize the new dining hall either on this one, seeing as space is clearly a struggle in Erickson. Speaking of space, empty chairs and seats are sorely missed because of the current overcrowded situation.

Photo Credit: Angel Song’18

We also miss the actual food itself, the smell of popcorn and waffles no longer putting smiles on students faces daily. Let’s not forget about the hard ice cream every night, at least 4 flavors to choose from and often featuring fan favorites like birthday cake and cookie dough. Stacy Park’19  recalls the ice cream, shedding some positivity on the matter, “I really liked the ice cream, but now they have watermelon [so that makes up for it].” Becca Yen’20 also shares her opinion, “I miss the seltzer, now they don’t have seltzer, and I am forced to drink regular water… but at least I’m hydrated”. Others miss the panini press, the variety of sauces and rice seasoning, constant pizza access, and the convenient location right above the SNUG.