Dorm Room to Dorm Home


Photo Credit: Portia Inzone

Arriving at Loomis after a relaxing, peaceful summer vacation proves to be very difficult; especially for boarding students. While day students obtain the luxury of returning to their own bed night after night, boarders must leave their home and try to make their room at Loomis distinguish a similar feel. Alternating between chatting with friends or family to consume lengthy down time over the summer, and texting and facetiming during limited frees during the school year creates an obstacle that most boarding students undergo. Whether being a new student or a returner, this is an extreme change and concept that may be hard to grasp at first.


To aid the summer nostalgia and homesickness, here are a few ways to make your room feel like home!


  1. Pictures: This may sound obvious, but taping pictures to your walls can alter the academic atmosphere of a dorm room into something much more cozy and secure. Seeing the faces of friends, family, or pets is the best thing to wake up or fall asleep to.
  2. Home Chotchkies: Bring little elements of your real room to your Loomis one. Not only will this brighten up the space, it will also personalize the room!
  3. Furniture: In order to add character to your dorm room, furniture is the way to go! Bedside tables, carpets, desk chairs, lounge chairs, and lamps significantly alter the room from something plain to spunky. Although your space is limited, there is a lot you can do to utilize it!
  4.  Wall Decor: Posters, tapestries, paintings, you name it! Finish decorating the room with your favorite locations, artists, bands, designs, and more. This adds another personal layer to your room.


By exploiting the four simple steps above, you can turn your once bland dorm room into something that feels like home!