Students feel Alarmingly Stressed, Survey Reveals


Graphic Credit: Monica Kim

A part of the student body of Loomis Chaffee has responded to the survey based on the question, “Are you stressed?” Though the results were expected, the result of the survey was astonishing. With 313 of the students responding, the responses were full of worries and urgent suggestions for the system our school is running on. 81.5% of the students had responded that they are currently stressed, 11.8% saying ‘Maybe,’ and only 6.7% saying ‘No.’ The majority of the students claimed that they are in the stress level of 7-10 in the range (0: not stressed at all, 10: severely stressed). The primary cause of their stress was mostly academics, with 79.2%. The majority of the rest claimed that they were stressed due to friends/relationships and college/college applications.

The anxiety level of students through one standard week was measured by how often they feel anxious. 47.3% of the students claimed that they are anxious ‘Often’ in a standard week, 24.6% feel ‘Always’ anxious, and 21.4% feel ‘Sometimes’ anxious. How often students feel overwhelmed has a high correspondence with how often they feel anxious. 41.9% of the students claimed they feel overwhelmed ‘Often,’ 26.2% said ‘Always,’ and 25.6% said ‘Sometimes.’

The student body, vast majority being stressed out, needs a solution from the school that would relieve their alarming stress. The survey had two parts regarding the solutions for their stress, one being a choice for what would possibly help them relieve stress. 64.2% of the students suggested that it would be less stressful to have less homework and assignments. 21.4% claimed to have more free time for themselves. A surprisingly large amount of students decided to write their own responses to this question: “proper spacing of tests and assessments,” “having 5 tests right before midterms,” and “acceptance to college.” The Majority of the students stated that the assessments tend to come in at the same time in one cycle, or there are more than one major assessments from one class in a week.

Lastly, the survey ended with a question regarding the suggestions for the school from students to relieve stress. Here are some quotes from the answers that were shown a lot:

“Teachers relax with homework over the weekend. I can handle a lot during the week but I need an actual “break” over the weekend where I don’t have to do work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in order to be prepared for the next week.”

“I feel like we have too many assignments in certain classes. I understand that midterms are really early this year, and fall term is shortened, but I feel like sometimes it is too much. I think either a little more time, or less assignments that should be worth more.”

“Teachers putting grades on Veracross, actually using the portal, and thoroughly explain each topic until everyone is on board. I don’t think teachers realize that updating grades on Veracross can actually relieve stress.”

“I think the main cause of stress is the amount of homework we have. Papers, labs, and big assignments take a very long time to complete and balancing that with athletics takes away from academic success and much needed sleep. Getting more than 6 hours of sleep while maintaining good grades at Loomis is almost unheard of.”

“Remind teachers that students have other teachers who also assign homework with abandon. CL teachers think that an extra 10-20 minutes on the homework doesn’t matter, but it piles up, and some students are super responsible with their work, but also want to get 8 hours of sleep and just physically can’t. So set a limit to CL homework time just like regular courses.”

After seeing the results of the survey, it is very clear that something must be done to stop students’ shockingly high stress levels.