Benefits Within Detriments


Photo Credit: Angel Song’18

Upon the arrival to Loomis, the thrills of making friends and beginning another school year linger among campus. In past years, students would gather in the renowned SNUG and Grubbs Quad to welcome new faces and chat with old ones. The space, located at the center of the Loop, portrayed the perfect scene for all grades to convene and meld. Including the dining hall, student nestle, and many tables and chairs to socialize or get work done, the quad displayed the ideal setting, bordered by underclassmen dorms and academic buildings.

Due to a desire for a greater student center, the 2017-2018 school year is undergoing an enormous construction to improve the quad and add many more resources to the area. Currently, the center of campus contains an epic pit of dirt, fenced off only to leave a very narrow walkway. Although this building currently serves as an annoyance, coming fall it will signify a meritorious benefit. So, what is Loomis doing to compensate for the construction?

As explained, the Grubbs quad plays a significant role in social life, and so the initiative for this year includes focusing the attention of students and faculty to other beautiful aspects Loomis has to offer. Although the school year has only just taken off, elements of these measures are already present. For example, the Hurricane Harvey and Irma fundraising car wash hosted by the boys varsity water-polo team, held outside of the John Savage hockey rink. Occurring on the first weekend, the activity proved to be both fun and valuable, raising money for the cities recently stricken by disaster, and cleaning many cars! The boys varsity football team also acquired donation money for the hurricanes through a grill sponsored by PSO at their Friday Night Lights, playing against the Kincaid School from Texas. Other events include Jim Spinnato’s hypnotist show, trips to the mall, Blue Back Square, and Target, the RA/Prefect Lip Sync Battle, and Bouncy Night; enjoyable games, inflatables, and the first competition in the House Cup, a tournament between dorms. While the beginning weekends are designed for students to bond with peers within their designed grades, as the year progresses, the Loomis calendar only grows stronger. The events listed above have occurred over the past two weekends, and have already proven to form friendships and strong bonds… but what serves as the temporary student center?

The SNUG, students nestle under ground, existed as the focal point of student activity for years. With the renovations continuing in that region of campus, a new nestle emerged: the SNIF! Located in the Nee room, the name was granted based on the fact the center stands indeed both above ground, and in Founders. Thus, the SNIF stands for students nestle in Founders. Although the social room stands on the end of campus, it invites all students and revives a sense of community.

Another obvious compensation for the disruptive construction site is the supplementary food service, Flik. The new dining situation resides in the small Erickson gym, consequently reducing the meal options. While the limitation remains true, the quality of the food has improved. The salad bar provides abundant choices and ingredients, along with the deli bar.

In the midst of a massive no-trespassing zone, the positive attitude on campus prevails! Throughout this school year, StuActs and many faculty members will be working passionately to inflict a lively and fun atmosphere upon campus. Put your hard hats on, and prepare for a fantastic year!