College Awaits You


College: a word that brings a feeling of hope and despair at the same time. The college process is a long and strenuous ordeal. All of us took the first major step in this process by coming to Loomis Chaffee, a preparatory boarding school with a rigorous liberal arts curriculum.

Photo Courtesy of Loomis Chaffee Communications

During the winter, all juniors are assigned a college counselor, forcing them to face a reality check: There isn’t much time left on the island. Aside from the dreaded SATs and ACTs, there are countless essays and extracurricular activities, as well as the Common App, to worry about. Finding one ideal college following Loomis is hard enough – identifying a list of 20 is unthinkable.

Senior fall is the end and the beginning of that process. Aside from the many advanced/CL courses, we also have to find the time for test prep and essays. Finding the time to work on college applications is not an easy task, given that an average Loomis student is extremely devoted to extracurriculars. However, this struggle is one that all seniors from countless high schools must share.

The early application deadline, November 1, is rapidly approaching. There are only six weekends left to commit to early decision. I’m sure all seniors already know this from the long talks we have with our college counselors. Juniors – your time is coming soon. Enjoy it while you can. Sophomores – remember what you learn in writing workshop because colleges really dig interpretive sentences. Freshman – welcome to Loomis, and welcome to the next four years of your life. College awaits you.