The Club Fair


Photo credit: Rachel Ramenda ’18

Students flooded into Grubbs Quad and as candy was spread across tables, club leaders put out sign-up papers. On Monday, September 18th the club fair took place, where students were encouraged to sign up for clubs that got their attention and were interested in. The club fair is a great way for new organizations or club to get people intrigued and have new members sign up. While there were many returning clubs like Prism and the Medical Club there were also quite a few new ones, the Office Club as well as the Pancake Society, for example. Walking around the tables that were set up, many clubs drew people with bright colors and piles of candy out, getting them to sign their name on sheets sometimes just to get a piece of sugar. Seeing all these clubs set up gives everyone an opportunity be a part of something they have interest in, whether it’s as simple and fun as watching episodes of your favorite show on the quad with your friends or as involved as raising money to help starving animals. Before the club fair started winding down almost everyone who came to the fair, had signed up for at least one club.  By the amount of tables and clubs set up, there should be a good amount of events held throughout the school year, each one bringing the community together even more.