Is the Library the New Snug?


Photo credit to Rachel Ramenda ’18

After construction went underway this Summer, the infamous Snug was closed and taken down. The Snug offered great food and a lot of competitive games of ping pong, however, the replacement, called the Snif, has not been as popular. Meanwhile, the library has surprisingly risen in popularity, and some say it has now become “The New Snug.”

In many ways, the library resembles last year’s student hangout spot. In previous years, day students and boarders with frees could always be found under the dining hall, and the library is no different. Brush’s study rooms are always being occupied, and they are often accompanied with loud music, ironically, in a library! Additionally, Brush is located in the Underclassman Quad, which is the unspoken “center of campus,” similar to the Snug.

On the other hand, the library is a complete contrast to the students’ nestle in tons of ways. First of all, food is not allowed in the library. The Snug’s delicious coffee and muffins would create lines, sometimes, out the door. Furthermore, the library has yet to host any serious school-wide events, unlike the nestle.

To summarize, Brush’s popularity has sky-rocketed in the underground nestles absence, and in a lot of ways, the library resembles and contrasts the once beloved, Snug.

Photo credit to Rachel Ramenda ’18