Overview of this Summer’s GESC Trips


Photo credit: Rachel Ramenda ’18

​Over the summer Loomis students will be traveling abroad through International Education programs hosted by the Alvord Center for Global and Environmental Studies. For the summer of 2017, two trips are offered: a trip to Iceland and a trip to Peru. Both trips will take place in mid-June, a couple days after school gets out. These trips are amazing opportunities for students to explore new places and broaden their horizons.

The focus of the Peru trip is to be immersed in the Peruvian culture while learning about ecotourism, sustainable initiatives, and the history of the country. Even though a certain language experience is not needed or required for the Peru trip, many of the students going are enrolled in Spanish classes at Loomis. ​The highlights of the trip are staying in an ecolodge, exploring the Sacred Valley, participating in a homestay and service work in Parque de la Papa, and hiking to Machu Picchu.

The Iceland trip is taking 14 students interested in learning about “sustainability through community.” The program centers around understanding “climate change, renewable energy, and sustainable living” and the group will take measures to strengthen environmental stewardship in this secluded country. The students and faculty will be taking part in a service project, hiking excursions, visiting power plants, and staying in an eco-village all while engaging with the local culture and customs.

On both trips, students will be immersed in culture, surrounded by learning opportunities, and constantly interacting with their peers in a new and exciting setting. When they return, the students will possess new knowledge from their experiences that they will be able to share with the Loomis community.