The Veracross Vote

Discussions regarding Veracross have been going on for months in faculty meetings, classes, and student conversations. Hopefully all Loomis students have an idea of what Veracross is, but for those that do not, Veracross is a online system where students have access to their results on tests, quizzes, papers, and to their overall grades. In the past, teachers were not required to use Veracross. This inconsistent use of Veracross was unnerving for many LC students. The idea of this proposal has evolved over time. But only recently, the student’s voices were put into actions through the student council. In past years, the student council received four pages of student signatures. With the use of the student survey, unanimous student council vote, and helpful votes from the faculty, the Veracross proposal reached its goal. Now, teachers are asked to update Veracross within three days after an assignment is handed back to the student.

Personally, I take great advantage of the Veracross system. Although we do have midterms, this online system helps me gain a better understanding of how I am doing in the class. Constantly checking my Veracross, I know which assignments I might have forgotten to hand in while I can also learn my weaknesses and strengths. Although some teachers are thorough about the different weighing system or point system, it is honestly hard for students to keep track. Having Veracross, students are allowed to easily access and understand how well or how poorly he/she is doing. Through this understanding, we are able to better plan our week, especially during weeks where there is chaos on campus.

Some faculty oppose the above stating that a student should know how they are doing based on the quizzes, tests, and papers that they are handed back. Faculty also added that it is the student’s job to ask and reach out to a teacher if he or she are curious about his/her grade. It is an advantage for LC students to be involved in a small and tight community where we are encouraged to interact with our teachers.

It is true that it is hard to give an exact number grade for each assignment in the humanities courses. However, now that the Veracross usage has already been established, students and teachers should both work for the better outcome. The teachers were mostly concerned that Veracross would be a stress factor for students. This system is to work for the advantage of the students, not to cause stress. If one receives a low grade on an assignment, one should not dwell on this, but should plan for the next tests and quizzes, so that one can improve their grade. Now, that the Veracross Proposal has finally been accepted, faculty and students should all take advantage of this opportunity, for the betterment of the school and each individual.