Farewell from the Longman Boys


Photo credit: Suman Guntupalli ’19

What do the boys of Longman dorm have to say about their year spent living in Loomis’ smallest dorm? The Log interviewed the dorm’s residents to find out.


Mark Valadez: “For it being the smallest dorm, you can truly find the greatest people on campus in Longman; every single person that lives here, each one of them a brother, has come together this 2017. I have no doubt in my mind that I will see them again one day out there in the world doing amazing things.”


Jasper Shi: “It has been a great year with the Longman boys. I am sad that we will be splitting apart into different dorms.”


Johnny Barbieri: “I believe living in Longman, spending all these days with my brothers have made us a family. I will cherish these bonds for the rest of my life.”


Max Wickersham: “Not only has living in a small dorm helped me with my school work, it has also helped me become closer with the guys in the dorm who I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to otherwise get close with. I am ever grateful for the relationships I made here.”


Suman Guntupalli: “Take a list of all students, pick the best, most lovable guys and put them into one dorm. That is how Longman 2016-17 came to be. You can separate us but Longman Love will always prevail. We have made it forever WORTH THE WALK!”


Kaiser Garcia: “I hope that the future Longman girls can turn into a connected and supportive

family just like Longman did this year.”


Rhys Lewis: “It will be hard for the girls to reach the level of excellence we did this year.”



To next year’s Longman residents:


Chris Lucero: “Don’t burn the dorm down.”


Daniel Ruiz: “Have a nice walk to Chaffee”



Words from Longman’s dorm faculty:


Ms. Kalena Bovell: “ It will be exciting to see what the next year will hold.”


Ms. Kate Saxton: “Longman’s future is bright, but the incoming Longman ladies certainly have big shoes to fill. I am so grateful that I had the chance to get to know each and every student in the dorm this year. Long live the Longboats!”


Mr. Jackson Fleming: “In some ways, I feel as though I could spend a lifetime in dorms and never have an experience quite like this past year in Longman. Each boy entered this dorm with an open mind, committed to making the most of the year, without any pretension. They valued each other, quirks and all, and as a result the dorm was incredibly close knit, and we had a lot of fun. I’ll greatly miss sharing a dorm with all these boys, but look forward to seeing them spread a little of that Longman spirit all across campus next year.”