Are Field Trips Worth It?


Photo Credit: Louisa Gao '18

Field trips enrich your knowledge on your subjects. Instead of just having a pen- to-paper education in the classroom, field trips allow us to experience 3D real world applications of the things we’ve learned in our plain 2d textbooks. A student would not be likely to remember the millions of facts in a book, however if the student goes out and experiences these facts he or she would learn through seeing, increasing the likeliness of their remembering those facts. Field trips also give Loomis students a break from their rigorous schedule whilst still taking in new information and developing deeper knowledge on a specific subject.

Photo Credit: Louisa Gao ’18

After half a year of memorizing facts off a book that has every line highlighted, my world history class boosted everyone’s unmotivated attitude towards history by taking a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. As little unknowing freshmen, we rushed in the huge gates of the museum carrying our notepads and pencils, excited to roam around and see artifacts that we’ve only seen in a picture from our 300 paged book. Walking through the long aisles of artifacts and paintings felt as if we were walking through history, walking through time. As we ventured later in time to artifacts dating back to B.C.E, time flew by in the present. We all left with a better knowledge of world history after seeing historical remnants of events before our own eyes. Many classes have field trips throughout intervals of the year that range from watching English plays on Broadway to visiting museums which helps increase student’s interest in the subject. Ultimately, field trips are undeniably interesting and stress relieving to many students, thus field trips are worth it as we learn by experiencing applications in real life, not printed in a book.