Dance Review 2015

One of Loomis’ most popular and well-attended events in the school year is the acclaimed Dance Revue. Occurring in the NEO just three nights a year, the community is treated to a two-hour snapshot of our finest dancers showcasing their most recent pieces. This year’s event was held May 13-15th and each show was sold out within the first two days of ticket availability. As a predictably popular annual event, eager faculty and students quickly scoop up most tickets, making up the majority of attendees.

Several multifarious types of dance were seen in this year’s Dance Revue that separated it from previous years. Habiba Hopson (2016), Dance Company 2 member and consistent performer in the show, affirms “We saw anything from ballet with Rock-and-Roll music to Irish step dance with eclectic”. There were Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Irish Step Dance, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Ballet pieces exhibited among the performances, engaging the audience with a broad spectrum of entertainment. The unique assortment of different types of dance resulted in increased appeal among guests, pleased participants, and a highly successful 2015 revue.

At face value, the show is nothing short of a well-oiled machine greased with the talent of the dancers. However, most audiences fail to appreciate and even overlook the immense time and effort that goes into the final product. In preparation for the spring revue, dancers undergo an extensive, time-consuming preparatory process. As early as the fall, performers begin to spend a great deal of time with choreography and routine dynamics that will be executed in the show. Throughout the year, the dancers gradually perfect these dances before group/individual formal auditions. All dancers unaffiliated with Dance Company that wish to take part in the revue must audition for a spot with their intended piece for the show approximately two weeks prior to the show. Dancers must then attend several rehearsal periods during and leading up to the week of the show. The final rehearsals are demanding and occupy much of dancers’ free time from the preceding Saturday through Tuesday, but repetition and practice have proven the root of a successful show.

In addition, many hands make light work on the set of the revue. From changing set lightings to switching music between routines, Dance Revue techies are a substantial part of the show. The tech, light, and sound crews are in charge of verifying the smooth functioning of mechanical elements all three nights of the revue, playing a crucial behind-the-scenes role.

The purpose of the annual Dance Revue is to offer an opportunity for students to express themselves and showcase their abilities through the art of dance. After months of determined practice and, at times, arduous training, each of the dancers’ hard work ultimately pays off for a last hurrah in front of the community for the 2014/15 school year. This year’s Dance Revue was debatably the most successful in years and the tradition has and will continue to be a prominent element of the Loomis community.