The Proficiency Test


Photo Credit: Esther Wang '18

To be in Sem or not to be in Sem, that is the question to be answered by the PT (also known as Physical Trauma). If you happen to visit Loomis at the exact time and exact day, you will be able to witness the Great Migration of petrified sophomores, listless juniors and perhaps despaired seniors trudging towards the library as they meet their fate during Community Free.

Photo Credit: Esther Wang ’18

Sydney Anderson, an exhausted sophomore, describes the PT as “45 minutes of hell,” thus displaying her lack of enthusiasm for the 45 minutes of hell. When she “took an L on the grammar,” Kiki Szemraj realized that her dreams for her future success in Sem may be further than she originally thought. Smiling through the pain, “believing that in class writing was hard until [she] took the PT,” Richie Richardson feels traumatized by the endless writing assignments to improve her interpretive sentences.

Photo Credit: Esther Wang ’18

A common experience all Loomis students understand is the pain of Writing Workshop periods that take up sleep-ins and free homework cramming periods, except for new juniors, new seniors and PGs. They are just left eternally perplexed and oblivious to the periods dedicated to the use of parallelism, appositives and subordination. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, the PT will forever go on, haunting the sophomores as they question their ability to English.