Rejected One Act Ideas

Dining Hall: The Musical

Dining Hall Clean Up The Musical (???)
Starring: Green Plastic Trays

The life story of Bob DeConinck – through song and dance

Where’s the Turkey?
A study of the curious case of disappearing poultry from the sandwich bar

Forgotten: The Unabridged Story of the Loomis Girls’ Golf Team

An Extended Monologue from Mr. Rodarte’s Man-Bun
[sneak preview: What is a hairband? Containment, but without it – I am nothing.]

The Real Story: Keeping up with the Hutchinsons
(possible spinoff – Porter takes Miami,)
(possible spinoff no.2 – Argos Rules)

Ammidon Is Always Annexed: A Tragedy

My Fish Walked: The story of a girl who believed

Chicken Talk Trash: How the compost sends these birds cawing and clawing

Aggressive Laughter: The tale of a tragic C+ on my Latin final

The Tale of Eric Foner: A Short (hah jk) Story

MY PLANTS WON’T GROW: Winda’s life story

Put That Thing Back Where it Came From or So Help Me – Bagels and Lox at LC Brunch

Forgotten Part 2: The LC LOG

Perfection: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese