May’s Service Themed Pelican Day


Photo credit: Madeleine Hong ’19

Students flocked around the front doors of Hubbard drinking freshly brewed coffee, waiting to commence with the final pelican day of the 2016-2017 year. On May 13th the Loomis community held a service day for underclassmen, however this was quite different than the past service day events. In the morning there were tables set up around the loop each supporting a different charity or fundraiser. Every table had some kind of game or activity to attract the interest of students as well as to demonstrate the purpose of each charity. Seeing each station set up was truly inspirational seeing all many of my peers so involved with charities and service work both inside and outside the Loomis community.

A huge, positive and productive part of this Pelican Day was that students were able to walk around campus freely and visit different tables, giving them an opportunity to focus on what they were truly intrigued by or curious about. The variety of activities stretched from box decorating to water bucket races on the track. Each station represented charities which ranged from Meals on Wheels to the Bike Restoration Program.

Personally, the box making activity from Mary’s Place Grief Boxes stood out to me the most because it gave me the opportunity to create boxes for those who had lost a family member and learn about other ways I could get involved. Having the freedom to go from station to station created a whole new atmosphere, making it less of a tedious and mandatory few hours and more of an enjoyable event.

Towards the end of the morning, everyone gathered back together in front of Hubbard where we could enjoy snacks or plant a flower. A local farm had also brought asparagus to sell, which seemed to be a big hit. To conclude the Pelican Day, everyone listened to a musical performance put on by a group of students from both our band and orchestra. The final Pelican Day was a fitting way to conclude this year’s focus on mindfulness since it encouraged all the underclassmen to really begin thinking about how to get active outside of our school’s community. It was a great opportunity to work for the common good.