Lice on Campus!


Photo Courtesy of Anh Nguyen ’17

A few weeks ago, the news that no boarder wants to hear was announced to the dorms of the school- cases of lice had been found campus. Following the horrified outcries of girls in the dorm and the thorough combing of hair, what happened to the lice outbreak? According to Olivia Malcolmson, a freshman in Cutler dormitory, students did not hear of lice again following the day that it had been announced during a dorm meeting. Kelsey Lee, another freshman in Cutler, said that she and her and friends in Richmond discussed the topic often, checking their heads before bed for the dreaded bugs. Fortunately, the lice outbreak on campus was quickly cured due to Nix lice products and the washing of clothing and bedding. Take a deep breath, everyone! According to the Health Center and to the pleasure of Loomis Chaffee students, the lice outbreak is being eliminated.