Catch up on Catch-up Day


Photo Credit: Sharon Zhou ’19

The spring term flies by, and midterm approaches quietly.  After a long week of numerous tests and papers, the Spring Catch-up Day finally comes right on time for us to catch our breath. In case you don’t have a plan for the blessed Spring Catch-up Day, here are some advice for you:

  1. Have a picnic with friends. The cold, gusty season has finally come to an end! Have a delicious picnic lunch on the quad with friends and enjoy the balmy weather!
Photo Credit: Sharon Zhou ’19
  1. Talk to a friend you haven’t seen in a while—literally, catch-up with your friends! Talk to someone you miss or just someone you have not connect with for a while. It is fairly easy to lose contact with friends or family when you are constantly occupied with work, so remember to stay in touch!



Photo Credit: Sharon Zhou ’19
  1. Take a nap. You deserve an enjoyable nap—get some extra sleep before the school week starts again.
  1. Do your homework. It would help you in the long run to do your homework in a relaxing environment alone or with your friends. Try to have a little fun with doing something so strenuous.


  1. Make a time capsule. It would be a little cheesy, but it’s cute! Make a box of things to hide away and come back to in a few years. It would be fun to prepare a surprise for yourself in the future.
Photo Credit: Sharon Zhou ’19
  1. Go on a bike ride. You should work out in this pleasant weather and enjoy several hours of close contact with spring.


  1. Watch a movie. Nothing entertains us more than a good movie marathon. Watch a movie either on Netflix or in a movie theater. Kick back and relax!


  1. Plan out your week. Figure out the assignments for the upcoming week, and arrange your time accordingly. You can perhaps also get ahead of the syllabus so that you can have a somehow easier week.
  2. Go to town with friends. Have breakfast at Dom’s, grab some groceries at Geissler’s, or treat yourself at Get Baked! Do not let the loop around campus trap you.


We hope you can appreciate the day off and the delightful weather while they last! Read the weekend activities email, and engage in the community. Be productive, hang out with friends, and have fun! Enjoy your catch-up day!

Photo Credit: Sharon Zhou ’19