New Year, New Champion

AL East: Boston Red Sox (Odds of Winning the World Series: 7-1)

  • The Red Sox won the offseason by signing Chris Sale and Tyler Thornburg, two phenomenal pitchers who polish Boston’s already impressive rotation. The Red Sox did suffer a loss this year by losing David Ortiz DH to retirement. Big Papi hit over .300 last year with 30+ homeruns. Ortiz’s departure created a large hole in the Red Sox offense and could be a major issue this season.

AL Central: Cleveland Indians (5-1)

  • The Indians came off of a devastating loss to the Cubs in the World Series last year, but the Tribe has nothing to fear. The Indians added All-Star DH Edwin Encarnacion to a lineup that already included some young, talented players like shortstop, Francisco Lindor. Their offense also comes with great pitchers Andrew Miller and Corey Kluber, making Cleveland a threat in the American League.

AL West: Houston Astros (10-1)

  • The Astros get a spot in the playoffs because of their multitude of talent players. Middle infielders Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa are paving the way for the ‘Stros and possess incredible athleticism. Altuve and Correa, along with a decent bullpen, rotation, and lineup will definitely help the Astros’ cause when fall arrives.

AL Wild Cards: Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles

NL East: Washington Nationals (10-1)

  • The Nationals are a great ball club coming off a strong season. They made a run to the playoffs last year and are continuously demonstrating that they are a dangerous force in the National League. Their offense includes MVP Bryce Harper, rookie phenom Trea Turner, and Second Baseman Daniel Murphy. They also have one of the best rotations in the majors and can definitely make a title run.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs (7-2)

  • After 100+ years the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, but can they do it again? Possibly, as the Cubs have many young players and Kris Bryant, the reigning MVP. In addition to that, the Cubs have an amazing rotation that is almost guaranteed to achieve long-term success. There isn’t a single hole in the lineup, nor is there any in the rotation, meaning that the Cubs have a chance for a repeat.

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers (8-1)

  • The Dodgers can’t be left out of the title picture. Pitchers like Clayton Kershaw lead the way for the Dodger has they attempt to finally win the National League Championship Series. Their stacked rotation and bullpen will dominate opposing teams’ offenses, but their main concern is will be hitting. Even though the Dodgers have a decent lineup, it may lose them some close games this season.

NL Wild Cards: New Yorks Mets and San Francisco Giants

American League Champions: Boston Red Sox

  • The Boston Red Sox clearly have a title shot, especially after all of their offseason additions. Chris Sale has the best odds in the MLB for the Cy Young Award, Rick Porcello is coming off of a Cy Young and David Price is back after posting a 17-9 record last season. The talented players in the field compliment this dominance in the rotation. Mookie Betts RF, came in second in MVP voting and secured a Gold Glove, Jackie Bradley is recognized as one of the best defensive outfielders in the league and Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez have also shown they have terrific offensive skills.

National League Champions: Washington Nationals

  • The Nats, like the Sox, possess a phenomenal offense. They also have great defense from their fielders, along with amazing pitchers. Bryce Harper has displayed his leadership skills and players like Turner, Werth, Murphy, and Eaton are showing that they can ball, too. Their only concern seems to be their lack of depth in their rotation. Although their two best pitchers (Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer) are great at their jobs, their other pitchers and especially their bullpen probably can’t succeed against a great offensive team. As a result, the Red Sox will win the World Series.

World Series Champions: Boston Red Sox