Is prom overrated?


As the pond starts flooding and the Seniors start sliding, prom is just around the corner. You can smell it in the air. Adorable promposals lurking in the bushes behind the RAC, enthusiastic discussions about prom dresses weaving into dining hall conversations, or rushed emails from the prom committee seem to be unavoidable on campus nowadays. Every year, the fuss around prom season is not just apparent in the Loomis Chaffee community but also in high schools all across the nation . If this is your first time attending prom and are super hyped about it, then congratulations, you have been successfully brainwashed by Hollywood’s mainstream media with its exploitation of teenage fantasies in pop culture. We have all seen ” High School Musical”, ” Pretty in Pink,” or “Grease” and dreamt that one day our senior prom will be as magical as those in movies. Sorry to break it to you, but prom is completely overrated.

” It’s the most profitable time of the year!”

Prom, no matter how hard you try to make it seem magical, is materialistic. “ The best day of your life” is the perfect opportunity for bridal companies and fashion brands to make a few extra thousand bucks just to satisfy your unrealistic expectations. Here’s an estimated list of some of the expenses you’ll be spending for prom.

Items Price That looks like….
Prom tickets     $70      6 meals at Dom’s
Hair/ Makeup/ Nails     Anywhere from $30—275     1375p pieces of DD’s munchkins
Prom dress     $100-$400 (or even higher 60 Chipotle’s chicken burritos
Flowers    $10-$20     “Here are some flowers; have fun watching them die!”

These fees don’t include additional prices such as limousine, pre-prom dinner, shoes, etc. The best part is you will never use any of the things you bought ever again. Your prom dress will be hidden in the back of your closet, waiting for that rainy day when you’re bored enough to take it out and put it on to see how much weight you have gained since high school. Your two-hour updo will soon turn into a nesting home for baby birds, and your mascara will probably smear all over the place after a night of dancing. If you want to have some actual good time, just stay in with your friends and turn up to some actual “LIT” music.


Prom sucks for the singles out there. Being pressured into asking someone to prom or feeling like you are obliged to be with someone just because “it only happens once in your life” is a poisonous mindset for young adults. Also, social media feeds on our impractical anticipation of best night of our high school careers and raises the bar for promposal everywhere, making it impossible for us not to fall into that pit hole of unrealistic expectations.  We’ve all seen those adorable promposals with flash mobs, balloons, and music, wishing that someone would do the same for us. However, expecting your significant other, or best friend, to go “all out” and give you the perfect promposal only illustrates your materialistic nature. Your relationship should not be defined by how many roses are in that bouquet, or how much money is spent on that box of chocolate. In short, cherish the people around you, not because they give you things, but because they’ve been there for you throughout tough time.

“But I’m willing to pay money for all of that. The dance will be super fun!”

Well, stumbling through flocks of sequined teenagers and suffocating in mixture of sweaty cologne while calculating how much time you should spend with your date and your friends is not my idea of “super fun.” Honestly, prom is a just hodgepodge of sticky strangers weaving in and out, grinding to the blaring sounds of mainstream mixes. It’s chaotic. It’s loud. And yeah, it’s the climax of your entire high school career.

Prom is overrated. But will I still be spending money and time into looking my best and dancing the night away? Yes. Call me a hypocrite, but overlooking all the superficial meanings that people slap on the special night, prom is fun. Even though one night won’t change my entire life and I’ll probably forget half the people I danced with at prom, there’s a sort of magic in its significance that marks a turning point of our maturity: a transition from high school to university.