Mountain Gorillas


Status: Critically Endangered

Followers: 700

Mutual friends: Eastern Gorilla

Can you guess where I’m from? Judging from my name, I know it must be hard to guess. I live in the great mountains, specifically the volcanic slopes on the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Sadly, I can’t call that place home anymore because we’ve been pushed farther and farther up from the mountains and our only habitat. Despite our ferocious appearance, most of us are kind, peaceful, herbivores that spend much of our time eating. Don’t get me wrong, I can be very aggressive when threatened; we beat our chests, roar, and fight back to protect the young in our family. My family tends to be larger than the other gorillas; we have a short, thick, broad shoulders and weigh from 150 to 400 pounds! You might wonder what diet we eat to maintain such physique. It includes a variety of plants including wild celery, bamboo, fruits, and plenty more. Interestingly enough, we don’t need water to survive because our water comes from the food we eat. However, now it is hard to find my favorite foods due to the civil war happening in around my home; the trees and the grasslands are slowly disappearing! Surprisingly, we fall prey for the leopards within our borders and human activity threatens us as well. We are a critically endangered species and there are only 700 of us left in the world, but our population is currently on an incline due to helpful environmental organizations from humans. If you see us behind a glass wall, you can contact local environmental departments to raise awareness and help some of us return to our home! For more information, please visit