Promposal Do’s and Don’ts


For many, the coming of spring evokes imagery of flowers blooming, birds singing, and the last of winter’s snow finally melting away.  Yet for others, the quickly-warming weather means only one thing: prom.


As prom season draws inevitably closer, senior boys (and girls!) on our little Island and across the nation have already begun to cut up their cardboard signs and pull out their markers in pursuit of the perfect Promposal. However, not all Promposals are created equal, and indisputably, some are better than others. For those unsure of how to achieve the perfect Promposal, your friends at the Log have compiled some thoughtful suggestions that are sure to thoroughly romance your date-to-be.

  1. If that special someone in your life is a JV Tennis player, open up your feelings and get to work carefully arranging “PROM?” across the courts in tennis balls.

If not, you could try:

  1. Inviting them via Loomis email.

(include graphic)3. Spilling your Sunday night chicken parm on them in the middle of the dining hall to get their attention, then spelling out “PROM?” on the floor in marinara sauce and spaghetti.

  1. Write a thoughtful handwritten note inviting your boo-thang to accompany you to prom, tape it to a brick, then (as HARD as you can) give it a good throw through their closed window — preferably between the hours of 12 – 4 am.

(include graphic) 5. Stealing one (or both) of Dr. Culbert’s prized pups, sharpening your razor, and shaving “Prom FUR u & me” into their shiny, well-groomed coats.

  1. While your crush is waiting in the community free SNUG line, executing a strategic backwards-cut and ordering a “chicken tender combo WITH A SIDE OF PROM” just for them.  (If Rich doesn’t hear you, repeat it, only louder.)
  2. Employing Dean Sasser to dress code your future date, then surprising them at Saturday Night Study Hall.

A final note: For the love of G O D, please refrain from any promposals involving shirtless PG’s.

If those don’t make them swoon, you ought to find yourself a different date.
Happy prom!