4 Ways to Study More Efficiently

Have you been struggling to get your homework done before a reasonable hour?  Do you want to spend less time buried in books and more time enjoying the long-awaited spring term?  Here are a few simple steps to help you do work better and more efficiently.  These tips will not only get you to bed earlier, but also will improve your quality of work.

  1. Put the phone away.  

Whether you’re a freshman or post-grad, homework should be done with your phone out of sight and out of mind.  No matter what you might think, the five seconds it takes to send a text or like a post will add up to minutes, and eventually hours of distractions from the work you need to do.  Engaging yourself fully in the work at hand will raise the quality of your assignments and increase your ability to remember important information because your attention is only on the work and not on the blinking, buzzing, burden you carry in your pocket.  


  • Don’t click over to YouTube or Facebook.


It is so easy and relaxing to open a funny 30 second video as a quick break from homework.  But let me tell you, from my experience, these “quick breaks” can be anywhere from one minute to half of study hall.  Once you get the ball rolling on random YouTube clips or Facebook videos, time starts to blur and you lose track of how you even got to watching the video you’re on.  The temptation is strong, but hours upon hours could be saved if this distraction is minimized.  


  • Hang out with friends after the work is done.


Living in a dorm with several of your friends is a unique and fun experience.  However, your friends can easily distract you from important work that needs to be done.  No matter how funny or interesting they are, whatever they’re doing can wait until your assignments are finished.  While it is very important to relax and enjoy spending time with friends, this can be done on weekends, before study hall, and any other time you don’t have work to do.  

  1. Ask a teacher for help instead of struggling with a problem.  

While working on homework or study guides for difficult classes, it is often easy to become stuck and frustrated with a particular problem or topic.  Instead of giving up or wasting time trying to solve something outside of your ability, try to contact a teacher, or find a friend that can help.  If it is a reasonable hour, most teachers will respond to emails asking questions about homework. This will help not only with usage of time for the work, but also with the understanding of the topic.  Never be afraid to ask for extra help, because it can only benefit you.