“The Word”

Let’s talk about a word that many of you have heard.

It starts with an “N,” does this grab your attention?

We must address how this word causes tension.

It rhymes with words like bigger, and rigor,

But once it’s said, it’s like pulling on a trigger.

Like shooting an insult from a historical gun,

It’s a word that brings some back to when they were owned by one.

This word is so commonly found in our pop culture,

But the scars it creates outlast granite sculptures.

Despite this damaging connotation,

Some black people reclaimed it as their own dictation.

“Why can’t we say it” is a question beyond belief,

If you don’t know the reason, here’s a short debrief:

“r” changed to an “a” and that change is here to stay,

But not everyone can use it, even just in play.

During slavery this word was used and excused

In order to keep whites amused and blacks abused.

Yes, we have freedom of speech as a right,

But there are some things you just can’t say, because you’re white.

Particularly when that word is said from white to black,

It’s a direct historical and racial attack.

It’s a word that blatantly states one is lesser than another,

And attempts to cut someone down and have them smothered.

Whether it be intentional or while mimicking a rap,

Abusing that word’s significance is such a load of crap.

Writing it in front of someone’s door has no place,

An anonymous attack is worse than saying it face to face.

Tearing up the trust and safety of a close-knit community,

It may seem like “just a word,” but there’s no immunity.

At this point, please ask yourself, has this really gotten through to me?