First Senior Meditation Inspires the Community


Photo Courtesy of Lucy Shao’19

(Video Courtesy: Lucy Shao ’19)

On Tuesday, January 24th, 2017, the first wave of senior meditations captured the attention of the Loomis Chaffee community. Seniors Emily Favreau, Isaac Guzman, Derrick Garcia, Lily Liu, Shanelle Jones and Adriana Gonzalez shared with students and faculty stories of their passions and experiences.

As a long-standing tradition of the school, the senior meditation has brought eye-opening perspectives and experiences to us since 2010. This event made no exception this year. Dean Sasser, who helps to organize these projects, said “it is a great opportunity for seniors to share their journey with the community; it is a way to allow people to learn something about students whom they don’t know, and such listening is important to their development as human beings.

Emily Favreau ’17, one of the “meditators,” shared her experience of recovering from a severe injury. She told the story of how she learned to give back to the community that brightened her up with love and care. “CHAD (Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock) unit healed me emotionally. I don’t know if I would be who I am today without the wonderful doctors and nurses at CHAD…” Emily said, and continued, “all the things that helped me overcome my experience came from generous people who understand the importance of this organization. This is why I chose to work with CHAD and the Norton Fellows.” Lily Liu’17 engaged the audience in a beat-box competition, and shared her “love story” with music. “Music is important because it gives me a place where I can fall back to when I’m lost, or when I’m the most depressed,” she reflected, “Music is also a common language that I share with many others, even those who don’t speak the same language as I do.”

While carrying the tradition, the program this year appears to be slightly different from its predecessors. “What we were trying to do this year is that we would like to incorporate (into the presentation) the story (behind it). That is to say that if you are going to do the performance, tell the audience why it is important to you,” stressed Dean Sasser. “What we want the audience to take away is the story; we want to give people a window to whom they (the performers) were and whom they’ve become.”

Loomis students, old and new, also expressed appreciation towards the senior meditators. Lilith Yu’20, a freshman from Beijing, spoke to the Log that she thinks the senior meditation was very interesting, and have learned a lot from the seniors’ experience of growth during their time at Loomis. “It made me feel really excited about the rest of my Loomis career, and who I will become by the time I graduate,” said Lilith. Lily Verna ’19 also expressed her excitement for the event. “The senior meditation was inspiring and eye-opening. It helped me think about life through other people’s perspectives, and learn from their experiences!” exclaimed Lily.

The Loomis Chaffee community will welcome the second senior meditation presentation in April, and we hope to see another amazing showcase by our wonderful seniors!