Girls Varsity Hockey


BenBen Singhasaneh ’18

At the midway point in their season, our girls varsity hockey team has earned the outstanding record of fourteen wins and two losses. Opening with a 6-3 victory against Northfield Mt. Hermon, the girls have since emerged as one of the most dominant teams in New England. They have edged past their opponents in some difficult matchups this season, currently earning a total of 43 goals scored.

Many different factors have contributed to their consistency and sharpness as a unit. Firstly, they are a team of depth. They have the ability to maintain high levels of energy as a group thanks to the talent of each individual. Specifically, this season’s Taft tournament in mid December witnessed the Loomis hockey girls at the very height of their ability. They played with strong energy and persistence as exemplified in their bold offensive presence. Within their first three matches at the Taft tournament, they outscored their opponents by a total tally of 116-50. Their strength across the board allows for more opportunities, sounder defense, and a resilient game plan. Secondly, the girls have remained mentally tough in the hardest moments of their matches. Many of their games have been won in the final seconds, a fact that speaks to their focus and motivation. They have proven their ability to maintain their composure in the most vital moments. Each player steps up for her teammates, filling new positions and taking new risks. The girls’ overtime victory against Hotchkiss remains a highlight of the season. Hotchkiss took the lead early in the second period with a quick finish on a high rebound. The Pelicans responded with a vengeful third period. Shifting the momentum, the girls evened the game with a graceful sequence between to find the net. During the overtime minutes, with 12 seconds remaining, Sharon Frankel ‘17 won her face off to secure her team the winning possession. With the assisting pass from Madie Leidt ‘17, Emma Flynn ‘17 snuck the winning goal off the post with 1.9 seconds left on the clock.

The Pelicans have high expectations for the culminating weeks of the winter. In talking to a few of the players, what most stands out to them, what most solidifies their dominance, is their closeness. Erin Levine ‘18 describes, “We were a really close team last year, as close as any family, and I think we kept that going this year, which is huge because when we love each other, we trust each other, and that means everything clicks.”

Having lost the New England Division I finals last year, the girls return this season with a hunger for the title. Captain Sharon Frankel predicts greatness for herself and teammates in her final season. “One of our goals is to win the Founder’s Title this year, which can be accomplished by beating Choate on February 11th.” The uniqueness of the team has mirrored the unique successes of this season. Frankel comments further, “We have a lot of players who can step up. I would say another one of our goals is to make it back to the finals this year, but come out with the win this time.” The schedule for the remaining girls hockey games can be found on the Loomis athletics webpage.