Welcome, Newbies!


Anh Nguyen ’17

Every year on the first day of classes, it seems like I see more faces on campus I do not recognize than faces I do. As a proud, four year senior, I strongly dislike the disruption that comes with a new school year, confused students and faculty alike trying to figure out how Loomis really works. I finally got used to every face on campus the year before, and now, I have a whole new group to get to know. And, despite the disruptive nature returners feel upon the arrival of new students, especially freshman, I do consistently enjoy meeting the new faces on campus.

New faces remind us weathered pelicans that we have something to be excited about. The Island, filled with an array of stress and laughs, really is an incredible place to live, learn, and, generally put, grow up. We have incredible faculty watching out for us and peers living with us. But, we tend to forget how lucky we are. And, even though new students arriving on campus quickly join in on the campus-wide complaints and struggles, their initial excitement and fervor for all things Loomis remind us how awesome our school really is. Freshman, new sophomores, new juniors, and PGs all come to Loomis in awe of what we have to offer and how lucky they all are to finally be here. They get excited that pizza is offered everyday, they balk at how incredible the Meadows are, and they love how beautiful the Upperclassmen quad is. Every year, new people remind me to be modest about what we have. This remote place with boring weekends and endless amounts of homework is also a place of amazing relationships and inspiring people. Us returners forget it and the newcomers quickly forget, too, but for that slight period of time at the beginning, the appreciation and consuming love for Loomis is so clear.

The peppiness can get annoying, especially the freshman pep. To us seniors, bogged down by the stress of college and senior fall grades, we cannot bare the endless amounts of loud screams and dabbing coming from the freshman class. But, after having time to get to know some freshman, their innocence and excitement to be in high school is adorable. They know so little about what is to come. Any new person has little to no knowledge about what is yet to come in the Loomis school year: Senior Kiss Day, Springfest, Boys Hockey games. So, I urge all returners to appreciate anyone new and get to know him or her. Only with your help will they survive their Loomis Chaffee career, and only with his or her help will you come to understand how lucky you are to be on the Island.