Fall Dance Showcase


Photo Credit: Anh Nyugen ’17

Audiences in the Norris Ely Orchard Theater were spellbound by the aesthetics of the 50 dancers in Fall Dance Showcase. Fall Dance Showcase is a presentation of the hard work of the LC dance companies during the first two months of the year and a preview  to the Spring Dance Revue, the main show of the year. The dancers proudly presented 13 different pieces to the Loomis Chaffee community from November 3-5. The pieces were comprised of seven student-choreographed pieces and six pieces choreographed by the dance instructor, Kate Loughlin. The audience encountered many different styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary.

The performance began with the piece of Dance Company 1.1., a company mainly composed of upperclassmen. The group effectively captured the 4 Years of Loomis life by exhibiting confusion and anxiety of freshman, wearing flannel to represent Sophomore Retreat, and demonstrating devastation and frustration for the stressful junior year. The piece is still a work-in-progress, and the final piece, senior year, will be presented in the Spring Dance Revue. Following up the Dance Company 1.1, after-school ballet class presented great laughter to the audience. The Mistake Waltz, a restaging of Jerome Robbins’ original piece that depicts all the bad things that can happen during a dance performance. The show continued with series of student choreographed solo pieces by Derrick Garcia ’17, Amaiya Parker ’18, Melissa Scanlon ’19, Molly Henderson ’19, and Kelsey Lee ’20. Molly Henderson’s jazz group, part of the Choreography Club, performed to the song,“Oh Yeah,” with rhythmic steps and moves. Dance Company 1.6’s “Burden” depicted the hardships that people feel in daily life. Throughout the piece, by lifting up each other and reaching up, the dancers showed glimpse of hope and need of help. Finally, the night was finished by Dance Company 2’s phenomenal piece, “Evolution of Identity.” Intricately woven by selection of small solos, the piece featured dancers in black leotards that demonstrated different stages of human evolution. This piece was also performed in Ethel Walker School last Wednesday for the miniature New England Prep School Dance Festival.

The audience had a great night watching the series of performances done by fellow Loomis students. The house was full on Friday and Saturday night to watch the popular student performance. Claire Collins ’18 said, “The last piece was my favorite. Everyone was awesome; Amaiya’s hip-hop piece was great, too.” The dancers seemed to be satisfied with their performances as well. Kelsey Lee ’20, first year dancer in Loomis, said, “This is such an amazing experience. It is extremely cool to see all the dancers in one setting.” Cynthia Hui ’17, three-year senior dancer, added, “This is only the beginning. The Spring Dance Revue, which will be my last, will be more exciting with more dances.”

Although there are six months left until the next show, the Loomis dance community will continue to work diligently to present the best show to the audiences.