Harvest Fest 2016


Photo Credit: Lily Liu’17

On October 14th, the annual Harvest Fest took place, filling the upperclassmen quad with students, activities, and snacks. Throughout the years, Harvest Fest has been an opportunity for new and returning clubs to showcase what they are all about. For two hours on a brisk autumnal evening, student club leaders dedicate their time to spread awareness of their clubs, ranging from contour, to animal aid, to the medical research club, by designing posters and involving games. Harvest Fest also aims to get students involved in the Loomis Chaffee community, creating excitement about the year ahead.

Focusing more on this year’s Harvest Fest, it embraced the fall theme with pumpkin decorations and hot chocolate, and was one of the biggest events of the fall. Uniquely, Dr. Culbert and Dean Donegan’s birthdays were on the same day and all of the students in attendance sang “Happy Birthday” and celebrated with balloons on the quad. Moreover, members of the Board of Trustees were present at the event, and were thoroughly impressed, complementing the diversity of clubs Loomis Chaffee is proud to foster. One of the clubs present was the Compassion Club, which raised awareness for Jori, a Peruvian orphan they sponsor who needs money for education, by informing people of Jori’s situation and asking them to sign a card for him, earning the opportunity to pie their friends with whipped cream. Stanley Wang, the president of the Compassion Club stated that, “Harvest Fest really gave students the chance to do various meaningful things while having fun – a brilliant combination.” By the end of the night, numerous cards for Jori were filled with signatures, and people’s faces were covered in whipped cream. This year’s Harvest Fest earned major successes in all aspects, especially of enhancing the Loomis fall spirit.

Nonetheless, this achievement required a lot of behind-the-scenes work on the part of Student Activities. Cara Keogh, the clubs coordinator for Stu-Acts and the main organizer of this year’s Harvest Fest said, “It’s a multi-step process after all of the clubs have been approved; I collaborate with the clubs to formulate ideas and find out what they will be doing at Harvest Fest to ensure a fun experience for the students in attendance.” In addition, many aspects had to be considered: setting up over fifty tables, the balloons for the birthdays, necessary food and supplies. The work of Student Activities and Student Productions really made this event happen.

The photo booth at Harvest Fest, which was a new addition this year, was also widely popular. The inclusion was an enjoyment for all, and the some of the faculty have expressed interest in maintaining the photo booth as a new Harvest Fest tradition and bringing it for other occasions as well. We’ll all look forward to what will be new next year!