Interviews for Head RA Election


  1. What do you believe your job/duty is as Head RAs?

Our job is to overlook the prefects and the RAs. We will act as the student’s voice as we sit through dorm life meetings. I think it is our job to understand the needs and concerns of the boarding student body in order to help improve the community. 

  1. Why did you choose to run for Head RA?

I loved being a prefect in Carter Hall. This made me value the boarding community more than I ever did. Becoming a senior, I came to understand the strong positive aspects of our boarding community, while I also learnt what we lacked/needed. I wanted to help improve the community and thought that the strong relationships that I have built with faculty and students would help me be successful as an head RA.

  1. What are your plans/goals for the year? Any changes you are looking forward to make?

As spirit is one of the main focuses of Loomis this year, I would definitely want to see different dorms build traditions. I will encourage more interactions and events between and within dorms. I am willing to help prefects/RAs come up with ideas if they need help!

  1. Can you give me a brief account of what happened in the election and how it went? (How many RAs ran for the two Head RA positions? How many voted? 

General atmosphere etc.)

I ran unopposed. 

I believe that all RAs and prefects voted, but not too sure. 

  1. Can you please provide an overview of your speech?

I can attach my speech!

“I would love to give back to this bording community in any shape or form. Having lived here for three full years and meeting various types of people, I understand the differences that Loomis needs in order to become an even better community for every single person”

“I will be your bridge to the faculty. I will always be in the middle, increasing the transparency of the discussions and decisions…”

“I will also advocate for your ideas and wants”


  1. Any advice to either prefects/RAs or just boarders in general?

My advice would be to get involved in the dorm and with the boarding community. You can never be TOO busy to enjoy company in the common room or at dorm events. I promise that creating close relationships within the dorm will make your life at LC so much better. Put your self out there, be present at dorm meetings, and be enthusiastic with dorm events.  


  1. What do you believe your job/duty is as Head RAs?

 I believe my job as head RA basically boils down to two duties. The first is to be a liaison between the boarding community and the Deans/Dorm Heads. As head RAs we attend the dorm life meetings with deans, dorm heads, and the head of counseling where we can voice our opinions on issues in the school and boarding community or bring up issues that students have brought to our attention. The other job I see myself and Rachel as having is to help organize and execute dorm activities. Whether it’s as simple as giving ideas that we know have worked in the past to prefects, or helping organize larger group activities between dorms, we are there to make sure events run smoothly and as many people as possible attend and have a good time.

  1. Why did you choose to run for Head RA?

 I ran for head RA because I, like many other people recently, have been concerned with the lack of school spirit. As Loomis moves towards having a larger boarding community I want to make sure that kids in the future feel pride in the school they’re attending and can have fun on a residential campus. I want to help get kids really into the activities Loomis provides, instead of not going because “no one is going”. I’d also like to be one of the people to help provide those activities and start some school traditions that future Loomis students can be involved in and look forward too, instead of just sitting around watching Netflix on the weekends.

  1. What are your plans/goals for the year? Any changes you are looking forward to make?

 One of the big things I would like to at least start to put into motion this year is having every dorm host a campus wide activity. Mr. Reid has talked a lot to the Warham RAs about when all of the dorms hosted an activity for the larger school community, and people got really involved in it. I would love to see Loomis be like that again to provide more activities to students and to cultivate dorm pride. I know every dorm may not be able to host one this year, but as long as we get a few going and make sure dorms are focused on organizing them in future years it would create a really nice culture on campus.

  1. Can you give me a brief account of what happened in the election and how it went? (How many RAs ran for the two Head RA positions? How many voted? General atmosphere etc.)

 The head RA election happened after Family Style on Tuesday a few weeks ago. Three RAs including myself ran for the position. The process to become Head RA consists of nominating yourself and reading a speech in front of the RA and Prefect groups. All three of us read our speech to a very respectful audience and then all of the RAs and Prefects voted on who they wanted to represent them for this year.

  1. Can you please provide an overview of your speech?

 In my speech I gave a short background on why I was in the position of RA/Prefect in the first place and then gave my opinion on what issues are most important in the dorm community. I talked about how I almost did not apply for prefect sophomore year because I wanted to live in an upperclassman dorm with the rest of my grade, and how Mr. Seebeck convinced me that that was a very bad reason to not give back to my community through the role of prefect. I admitted that I almost did not run for head RA because I do not like public speaking, but that that would be as bad a reason not to as not applying for prefect to please my friends. I then talked about how I want to improve dorm spirit and dorm pride, issues I see as very different, this year. I want to improve dorm spirit through competition and collaboration with other dorms, while I want to improve dorm pride through dorm self-improvement to give boarders a place they actually enjoy calling home for four years.

  1. Any advice to either prefects/RAs or just boarders in general?

 For any boarders but to RAs and prefects specifically, make sure you give us any ideas for dorm activities that you want to see happen this year. Even if it seems like a dumb idea, the fact that you’re thinking it means someone else probably wants to do it to and we can make it a fun activity for the whole community.  


Hi Rosie,

I think that the Head RA elections went fairly. All of those who ran for the position were extremely qualified and in many ways there would not have been a “wrong” answer to who should have been chosen, all of them would have made great Head RAs for many different reasons. One thing that I enjoyed about listening to the different speeches was how much each of the candidates truly cared about Loomis and their experience here, and for all of the candidates their eagerness for wanting to serve as Head RA really shined through. Interestingly enough, all of those who ran for Head RA were Prefects last year.

Hope this helps!!



I thought that the head RA elections were a bit inauthentic, and I don’t think that the election produced the best head RAs. I don’t blame any of the candidates for that, rather I blame the application process that Loomis imposes on students pursuing extracurricular positions. If you want to be a Head RA, write for the log, or even work for special Olympics and you have to go through the same application process that asks the same questions over and over again, and I think it produces the same responses. There was no election for girls’ head because Rachel Shin ran unopposed, and the boys only had three candidates, and I think a lot of RAs just didn’t want to go through the hassle of writing a speech.


Hi Rosie, 

My overall impression of the election is that I’m really happy with both of the Head RA’s we elected. I know Rachel is a hard-working leader in the dorm and on campus so I believe she will make incredible contributions whilst also leading all the rest of us dorm leaders. Additionally, Jack is a persevering student in and out of classrooms so I’m really grateful that we made these two fantastic choices. I know both of them will do a great job becoming the voice of the RAs and prefects. 




Hi Rosie,

It’s so nice to hear from you. Thank you for reaching out to me. I am really looking forward to working with Rachel and Jack. These two students are very committed to the residential program and I know that they will help us make it even better than it already is. They bring great energy and enthusiasm to the role. I’m really looking forward to working with them! 

As far as the expectations of the head RAs they are full members of the dorm life committee. You may know that the dorm life committee meets every month and discusses issues relevant to residential living. The head RAs are important in that they provide another lens on the student experience, and can offer valuable insights. I understand that Jack and Rachel are already meeting with RAs and prefects,and that’s terrific.

I hope that helps. Thanks for your work on this. 

Dean L