Interesting Clubs at LC

LC Unplugged – Max Jimerez ’17

LC Unplugged is a place for musicians, or anyone generally interested in music, to come together to talk, play, or just hang out.  The club was founded this year by Max Jimenez, a three year senior, who plays bass guitar.  He has played in groups on campus with musicians including Dontay Downer ‘15, Neil Mellstrom ‘16, Alex Lawson ‘16, Robert Lotreck ‘18, and many others.  The club has also hosted other events, a bonfire recently, where everyone can get together for food, music, and a good time overall.  

Economic Society – Gaurang Goel’17

Economic Society is a club centered on building a community around the shared passion for the discussion of economics. The club hopes to host engaging and interactive events, ranging from playing game show type activities, like during the Harvest Fest, to discussions on hot-topics and even competing in economics tournaments in spring term! All who are interested in economics are welcome.

Animal Aid – Yuyang Zhang’18

Animal Aid aims to help the local animal shelter in Windsor by organizing bake sales for fundraising. The club also aspires to give back to a larger community by encouraging Loomis students to participate in the Connecticut Cat Connection service trip every Sunday. “Our love for animals and the community help establish this club.” — senior Anh Nguyen, co-president of Animal Aid remarked.     

Viking Club – Brendan Nelson ’17

The Viking Club explores the spirituality and history of Nordic peoples. In addition to learning about the unique culture, they also integrate themselves through certain activities like sword fighting, boating, and Viking festivals to familiarize with the culture.

Netflix Pics – Connor Rush’17

Netflix Pix is a film club centered around films on Netflix so that they are more widely and easily accessible. The club is based on a sort of book-club style format. Every month or so the club’s film is designated and an email is sent to the members with some things to keep in mind or things to look for when watching the film. This month the club’s film is Nightcrawler. Then after two to three weeks the club meets to discuss the film. We focus on the artistic qualities of the film and examine the filmmaking. People also share their opinions on the film and anything they found interesting including  qualities about the directing, writing, editing, and acting.