The Bog Turtle

The Bog Turtle

Followers: 2,500-10,000

Mutual Friends: Wood Turtle

Status: Endangered

Location: Connecticut, East Coast of United States

You might find me cute because of the orange spots located around my neck, or my petite size of three to four inches. I’m the Bog Turtle, or as scientists call me, Glyptemys Muhlenbegii.I’m not just cute. I’m the smallest turtle in North America and am native to the east coast of the United States. As a reptilian, I enjoy sunbathing before I go on my daily search for food. Some of my favorite meals include beetles, ants, berries, seeds, and occasionally spiders–if I’m lucky. After a full belly you can find me lounging in a swamp or a bog; however, you might even find me in a pet store. Many people have mistaken me as a pet, which unfortunately raises my demand on the animal black market as a valuable capture. This illegal trade and increasing destruction, alteration, and fragmentation of my natural habitat for urban development and agriculture has lead to the decline of my species’ population. With only 2,500 to 10,000 of us Bog Turtles left, we have become an endangered species in the state of Connecticut. But don’t worry, you can help decrease our demand by being aware and contacting local environmental departments if you see any of us in tanks. To learn more about me and other endangered animals in Connecticut visit