How to Cope With Homesickness


Photo Courtesy of Mary Anne Porto ’16

It is no surprise that homesickness pecks at our heartstrings for many of the pelican community here at Loomis Chaffee. One might say that this instinct stems from the myth of the pelican, when in times of desperate hunger the mother pelican would feed her young from her own heart… Just kidding!

All the morbidity aside, many returners know all too well the lingeringly strange or sometimes overpowering pervasion of homesickness. Somedays you want to crawl up next to your chihuahua, who may or may not be the spawn of the devil, only to discover the comforting ball of fur no longer pees in excitement when you open the door after coming back from school. Instead, all you have is a sad stuffed bear sitting on your unmade bed. Enough of the lamenting because you deserve a list.

  1. Live. Laugh. Love. The basics. (cue eyeroll)
  2. Eat some dominos (use your coupons if ordering online; get those lavacakes!!)
  3. Keep busy!! Get involved on campus, socialize with people
  4. Have a designated “lazy hour” at least once every two days; roll in the depths of your bed (Adele would approve), watch some Netflix (give Hulu a chance too though) or get hypnotized by the spiralling gifs of tumblr
  5. FaceTime the rents (do it. For real. They miss you, and let’s be real you do too.)
  6. FaceTime your long distance best friend and your dog and his/her dog
  7. Talk to others!!!! Join a homesickness cult (kidding). But really, talk to people, it really helps if you open up and rant about it.
  8. Sleep.
  9. Realize you are not alone! Cry if you must. (Watch those really soppy commercials like the Extra gum love story or turn on a really sad song)
  10. Take a breath here and there, but do realize that life ultimately goes on and that “this, too, shall pass” (regardless of what Gandolf has said)