New Writing Studio Opens in Early October


Graphic Courtesy of Anh Nguyen ’17

Writing, the bane of many a Loomis student, is a fiery crucible that can either make or break a grade. For that exact reason, a new studio designed to help students with all forms of writing is in the works. The new Writing Studio, which will share a space with what is currently the Kravis Center for Excellence in Teaching, has been specifically designed to help students with writing assignments for any department. The Studio is a brainchild of the Writing Initiative Think Tank and Advisory Committee, which in turn is headed by teachers from both humanities and STEM subjects: Sally Knight, Karen Parsons, Jessica Hsieh, Phyllis Grinspan, Liz Bucceri, Jackson Fleming, Geoff Silver, Tim Helfridge, and Scott MacClintic.

The Studio will open in early October and will be staffed by faculty members from all departments in order to provide writing aid for students of all subjects. When it opens in early October, the Studio will be open during evening study hall (7:30pm to 9:45pm) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, as well as during the last period of every day. However, the schedule is malleable: as staffing in the Studio increases, the duration of school-time operation is also set to increase.

Aside from answering specific questions concerning grammar, clarity, or any of the other numerous nuances that accompany writing, the Studio is also expected to serve as a sounding board to help clarify and refine ideas. According to Sally Knight, the will-be director, “[The Studio] will be a place for people to sit and talk … [to] help clarify their thoughts.” So, it is not simply a one-stop editing station, but rather a place where one can receive help on all forms of assignments. Students will even be able to go to the Writing Studio for help on the simplest homework assignments, not just on major essays and assessments. Eventually, the Studio aims to stay open all day.

In addition, the Studio aims to make available short lessons to help teach fundamental grammar techniques and basic mechanics for those that need review. After some time, the studio may eventually be staffed, like the QRC, by honors students.